Burning Blue

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Jay Nazarro is an expert hacker and has partially controlled epilepsy. He is a nobody who stays quiet and behind the scenes but has also been nicknamed Spaceman, after a seizure during a school assembly that then led him to do homeschooling for the past two years. Now he is back and ready to try public school again. Nicole Castro is an amazingly beautiful, popular and all-round nice girl until the day someone squirts one side of her face with corrosive acid.

After meeting in the councilor’s office the start of a friendship is born and Jay is bound to find out who maimed Nicole. Why is the janitor keeping a jug of acid in his closet? Why does Angela have such an interest in finding the killer and why does she want to work with Jay? Would Nicole have done it to herself? What about her boyfriend Dave who was the last person to see her?

As Nicole and Jay’s friendship grows and the search deepens, it gets more dangerous to keep trying to find the answers.

As Jay search continues he stumbles upon parts of his dad’s life that he doesn’t understand and when Picasso’s picture ‘Girl before a Mirror’ becomes part of the answer does that mean that Jay’s dad an art critic might be involved?

978-001234789     346 pages      Ages 14 and up 

Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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