Bun, Onion, Burger

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Bun, Onion, Burger

Ahh the wonderful aroma of a grilled burger. Out in the backyard the picnic table is covered with buns and plates and forks and spoons and a little black and white dog is waiting hopefully as burgers are bursting with flavor on the charcoal grill. We add the onions, the mustard, the pickles and the cheese. A little boy is rushing back and forth to bring all the tasty ingredients to the chef in charge and the little dog is pitching in to help create the perfect burger. Folks are gathering and clamoring for their first taste. In rhyming prose the excitement mounts as one by one the burgers are handed out and the ketchup is poured....poured. But the little dog who has waited so patiently and helped so admirably is empty-pawed. No burger for him as the others gather around the picnic table for their summer fun. Back into the doghouse he goes..... Is there any one who doesn't know that feeling of anticipation and then the seeming disappointment when things just don't go as you expected? But this is a family who would never leave their dog out of the bun...or the fun. 40 pages

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