Bumblebee Grumblebee

bumblebee grumblebee

A delightful board book for toddlers and adults to have fun experimenting with words to create funny new ones.

Playful animals get up to everyday toddler mischief in this board book built on child-based wordplay, where each page twists animal names into funny new words that are fun to share.

With illustrations drawn from a toddlers world, babies and young children will recognize each activity―getting dressed, playing, painting (including themselves), having a bath, using the potty―and see how the animal makes the mischievous most of it.

The bumblebee breaks its toy―bumblebee grumblebee! The cockatoo is getting dressed―cockatoo sockatoo! The pelican tries out the potty―pelican smellican! What will turtle do? Everybody gathers for the final squirtle.

Built for adults, babies and toddlers to share and read aloud, this fresh and sweet board book encourages experimentation with words and sounds, just by changing a letter or two.---from the publisher

18 pages                                            978-1776574025                               Ages 2-4

Keywords:  board book, bees, wordplay, humor, fun, 2 year old, 3 year old, 4 year old

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