Built to Last: Cathedral, Castle, Mosque

Built to Last: Cathedral, Castle, Mosque

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, October 25, 2010
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This is an amazing book that looks at the process of planning, designing, and constructing some of the most incredible structures ever created! David Macaulay is the writer/illustrator of three books: Cathedral, Castle, and Mosque. In this one volume, Macaulay combines these three books. The illustrations are fascinating and partnered with well written explanations. The vocabulary of architectural engineering is a bit difficult, but Macaulay handles it well within his fictionalized storylines for each building. To further aid as a quick reference, a glossary is included. Anyone who has had the opportunity to visit a cathedral here on this continent or the experience of seeing one or all of these impressive feats of engineering and construction in Europe or Asia will especially appreciate the inside story of their construction provided in this book.

Recommended by: Katherine Stehman, Elementary Librarian, Pennsylvania, USA



David Macaulay's wonderful CASTLE, CATHEDRAL and MOSQUE books have been brought together into one volume and this time the illustrations are in color! For children who are fascinated by how things are made, the physical construction process and the historical process, this book is a goldmine.

Take yourself back in history to 1277 and watch Lord Kevin put the wheels in motion for the building of a castle to protect lands in Wales during the reign of King Edward. Where will you situate your fortress and how will you design your town? What craftsmen will you require?

Then, we follow the process of building a Gothic cathedral in the 1300's. It will take 90 years to complete but the fictional people of Chutreaux will have their masterpiece.

Finally, in 1595 we will commence the building of a mosque. We learn the processes of the design, the tiling, the ceremonies involved and perhaps remove some of the mystery and sense of the unknown.

Brilliant research and meticulous detail are the foundations for these modern day "classics."

272 pages Ages 8-14

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