Boy Dumplings

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Boy Dumplings

"In the capital of China, Beijing, there once lived a tall, skinny ghost." So, begins our tale of one chubby boy and the ghost who catches him with a plan to turn this boy into dinner. The boy is a clever one though and he offers up a great recipe for Boy Dumplings. Now, this recipe will take the ghost far and wide in search of just the right ingredients. With occasional cliffhanger moments where it appears to all reading this tale that the ghost is just about to chop the little fellow up or drop him into the bucket of boiling water, this story captures the deepest fears of all who hear it and the suspense mounts with touches of humor to spice things up. A scary ghost, a chubby Chinese boy, and an ever growing fear that this little guy will not ever be able to escape his fate are the perfect ingredients for a great read aloud and a glimpse into the Chinese culture.

Recommended by:  Barb

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