Boris, Book 2: Boris Gets a Lizard (A Branches Book)

Boris, Book 2:  Boris Gets a Lizard           (A Branches Book)

First it was the anteaters and now it's the warthogs.  Boris is a warthog and so is everyone else in his world.  Sporting those quirky tusks and piquantly designed trotters, he is happily immersed in the warthog world of family and school.

Every Tuesday is show and tell/share day in Boris' class and every Tuesday Boris busts out another "fascinating" recounting of the fabulously fantastic facts about komodo dragons.  Huh? Yep, Boris is all about the komodo dragon.  Not so much the kids and teacher who have clearly heard all their warthog minds can take on the subject.

But Boris is one of those warthogs who sees beyond the normal, the ordinary and seemingly impossible.  He has decided the local zoo is just waiting for him to write them a letter inviting their komodo dragon to vacation at this home.  Yep, pack your bags komodo honey, it's Boris and good times ahead.

Like most young warthogs no doubt Boris has a penchant for trouble.  He just doesn't quite see beyond the lines of his dreams and excitement.  He's about to find himself caught in a warthog web of his own making.  Every kid in his class is headed over to Boris' house to see the komodo dragon that should be waiting there on exhibit in the komodo dragon house built by Boris and friends.  Only problem?  Yep, you guessed it...there is no dragon.  Well, there is no komodo dragon from the zoo.  How does a warthog get himself out of this dragonish conundrum?

This is a brilliantly written good time for every young reader who has moved on from cat and rat and mop but who isn't quite ready for the challenge of My Weird School or Roscoe Riley Rules.  They're starting to get the hang of the reading thing and now we need them to know there are books out there on the library shelves that make them want to read!  This is a perfect book to whet their reading appetite.  Woohooo...... bring it on.... let's turn the world upside down warthog style!

80 pages                                  978-0545484473                        Ages  5-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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