Boris and Bella

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Boris and Bella

Move over Dancing with the Stars...we're talking Dancing with the Monsters now. But, we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Meet Bella Legrossi who is the messiest, grossest monster in town and her neighbor, Boris Kleanitoff who is her complete opposite. Boris loves clean. Bella loves messy. They don't like each other, they don't talk to each other and they certainly are not going to invite each other to their Halloween parties. They send out their invitations and wait. But all the rsvp's come back with a resounding no. Everyone is going to Harry Beastie's party where they can relax, be themselves and not worry about claw marks or dust bunnies that bite. Not to be outdone, Boris and Bella each decide to give Harry Beastie an earful but when they arrive at the party they get caught up in the good time and find themselves in each other's arms on the dance floor. Maybe they aren't so different after all. 32 pages Ages 5-8

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