Two sisters, one starting high school and one going into the eighth grade have just moved into a new town and a new school and are trying to find their niches. Savvy, age 13, stands six foot two inches and is a talented basketball player. When she arrives on the scene she tries out for the senior team and makes it along with her new friend, Gonzo. The two friends will need to figure out their strengths and weaknesses and overcome the clique on the team so they can fit in. A really cute football player opens the door for them and Savvy is head over heels until she sees him locking lips with her older sister, Callie. Callie's pathway to belonging is cheerleading but while she's waiting for tryouts, she's up in her room day after day shoveling in the snacks. Her weight has shot up and now the coach is challenging her to lose weight and fast if she wants to be a part of the squad. There is a great deal of pressure on both girls to achieve and prove themselves to their teams and their respective coaches. What will they be willing to do to be as tough and strong and muscular as their sport demands? Will it require some sort of illegal substance? Is it worth it? This is a story about family relationships, sports, competition, pressure and choices that teenagers face. 256 pages Ages 12 and up

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BOOST by Kathy Mackel, Trailer by Teresa Schauer

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