Books of Bayern: Enna Burning

Books of Bayern:  Enna Burning

Enna, true friend of Princess Ani, has returned to live in the Forest with her brother, Leifer. As Enna tends to the chores at home, Leifer finds the ability to create fire from the heat around him. Leifer also is fanning the flames of rebellion in the Forest clans. Enna uses her friendship with Princess Ani to make Prince Geric aware of the impending uprising. But, war is brewing to the south and Prince Geric comes to the Forest to recruit their three hundred-bands for his cause. In the midst of battle, Leifer uses his fire bringing ability to turn the tide in favor of the Bayern army and in doing so, loses his life. His sister, Enna, watches, and finds herself drawn to the fire herself. Enna is on her own journey to find herself and her own mission. Will her ability to bring the fire be a gift or a curse

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