The Body Book

the body book

Maybe you know a 3-7 year old who loves to know how things work.  Like if you decide to make a copy of something they need to hang upside down and close the lid, push the buttons and then watch intently as the paper comes out of the feeder.  This book was written just for that young one.

Open the sturdy, cardboard pages and enter the world of the human body - only this is a magical world powered by some see-through pages that reveal all the inner workings of us.  That means it reveals all the inner workings of your intent listener/reader too.

The first spread gives you a list of all the systems you are about to meet:  you remember them right?  The muscles, the bones, the blood, etc.  The welcoming committee is a skeletal figure whose guts are happily on full display.  What a thrill - and what a perfect way to get you to turn that next page.

Welcome to the world of skin with its hairs and sweat glands.  Take a look at a cut, a scab, or maybe even a scar.  Then on to the land of muscles.  This is where the action is.  You look through the see-through panel and see the muscles through the clear plastic covering.  So cool.

The bones are going to show up - again through the see-through plastic.  Your breathing apparatus, your blood pumping machinery, and yippee, on to the eating and drinking toolkit. Yep, you can see right where that pee is going to drip out.  "Undigested food is turned into poop."  I think that pretty much covers it.

This is a great introduction to the human body for the young curious minds who are fascinated by HOW THINGS WORK.

16 pages 978-1536217254 Ages 3-9

Keywords: anatomy, human body, how things work, health, information, board book, 3 year old, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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