Bobby Vs. Girls (Accidentally)

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Bobby Vs. Girls (Accidentally)

Fourth-grader Bobby Ellis-Chan bounces from one zany situation to another. When he goes on a field trip to the Huntington Gardens with his class, he gets stuck to the Koloff tree. He was only trying to hug a tree and now he smells like poop. Then, he has to get up in front of the whole class to give a speech for the Student Council Representative election and he finds out he has his big sister's panties stuck to his clothes. (his Dad is a stay at home "mom" and isn't good with fabric softener) It's one wacky situation after another and really, they're all caused by girls. This one is a lot of fun as Bobby trains his goldfish, Rover, to do back flips until his little sister tries to clean the fish with her special bubble bath. Rover no more. But through it all, Bobby learns a few lessons and comes out a better man for all his losses. 160 pages

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