Blueberries For the Queen

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Blueberries For the Queen

It's the time of World War II, and everyone in William's family is doing some kind of war work. William wants to do something powerful, exciting, important, and filled with adventure, but he's too young. Then, a queen moves into his neighborhood. She's a real queen, the Queen of the Netherlands, and she has fled her country and come to live in a house down the road from William's house. William tries to see the queen, but he just misses her whenever she's been in town. William hears how hard war is even for a queen. One day he decides to do something nice for the queen, and he picks some blueberries. The rest is an adventure.

World War II historical fiction picture book read aloud to 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s kindness Queens siblings self-confidence risk

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