Billy Baggs Trilogy: Farm Team

Billy Baggs Trilogy:  Farm Team

This is Book Two in the Billy Baggs Trilogy. In this book Billy's father is still struggling with his feelings about losing his older son five years previously. At the beginning of this book, his father loses it and drives over some cars on a car lot. He's gone to jail. That leaves Billy and his mother. The death of her older son has been a catalyst for Billy's mom to change her own life. She has gotten a typewriter to teach herself typing and is moving out into the world and finding a job. His mom also decides that she is going to devote herself to getting a baseball field created on their land. The baseball field is about to become a wonderful catalyst for bringing people together and raising self-esteem in a stirring way. These are absolutely heart-warming books and the tale of Billy finding himself and figuring out how to deal with his father is deeply touching.

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