Big Nate Graphic Novel Book 8 Great Minds Think Alike

Big Nate  Graphic Novel  Book  8  Great Minds Think Alike

School is about to end and Big Nate is all set for the summer. He is going to open his own landscaping business, aka he will mow his neighbors' lawns.   But as usual Nate doesn't think things through and things go south from there.

This is a summer for exploring some new realms.   He comes home with a magazine, Femme Fatality, that doesn't meet with his father's approval.

The summer flies by and school rolls around again.  Big Nate is up for anything fun and tries out Sudoku, painting and anything to do with setting a world record.   His teacher, Mrs. Godfrey, leaves school which gives Nate a substitute teacher.

A steady flow of slapstick humor and failure bolstered by a resilience that will reassure many a young reader.

218 pages             978-1449436353           Ages 8-12

Editor's Note:  Several readers have critiqued this series as being supportive of misogyny and fat shaming.

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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