Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake

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Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake

Meet Betty Bunny who is not a fan of anything new and that includes new food. When her mother says she may try a piece of chocolate cake for dessert, Betty is pretty sure it's going to be yucky. As every reader will know, she is in for a big surprise. Sure enough, Betty falls in love with chocolate cake. I'm talking true love here. She is going to marry chocolate cake. With incredible insight into the heart, mind, soul and tummy of a very young bunny this love story unfolds. But this is no match made in heaven. Betty's brothers and sisters- quite stylishly dressed by the way - tell her most emphatically that she can't marry a dessert. But Betty is in Lovvvvvve. With chocolate cake. At home and at school, it's all she can think about and you can imagine the trouble that might cause. Betty Bunny is about to learn a big lesson... in patience. Delightful in its honesty, its authenticity, its tremendous sense of humor and its empathy for young children, this tale will resonate with young listeners who will thrill at the family food fight and suffer with Betty as she goes without her beloved cake. Betty Bunny stands side by side with Lily of the Purple Plastic Purse as a valiant and determined young heroine. From beginning to end this story touches our funny bones and will have plenty of parents and teachers shaking their heads at how deftly the wiring diagram of a young bunny has been revealed in its single-mindedness and need for immediacy. It's a giggle from its ears to its tail/tale. Chocolate cake all around! 32 pages Ages 4-8

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