Beautiful Days: Bright Young Things Novel, Book 2

Beautiful Days: Bright Young Things Novel, Book 2

Letty and Cordelia have been in NYC for a month and are now full fledged New Yorkers. They spend their days at Charlie Grey’s Long Island estate and their nights partying in Manhattan.  Letty, however, feels that she has put her singing and dancing career on hold long enough and wants to find that excitement of finding her own job and making her own way to stardom. She finds a job as a showgirl in a small lower-class club and is thrilled with what she has accomplished. But will better things come along for her?

Cordelia, with the help of her brother Charlie, is getting ready to open and run the newest high-class speakeasy but is out for revenge for the death of her father.

Astrid, who is Charlie’s supposed fiancé, is finding her way into the world of marriage. But that seems to come with its own dangers and now she isn’t sure what she wants.

Through it all the jewels, fancy dresses, partying and fun never stop. Charlie’s mobster mentality, however, put some of them at danger and things could end up deadly.

Recommended by Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho, USA

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