Barry The Fish With Fingers

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Barry The Fish With Fingers

Oh, how fun! Enter a world of very cheerful fish swimming in a clear, blue tropical ocean. Every day Sea Slug lies on the ocean floor and watches the fish swim by. His version of people watching I'm sure. He's seen it all until the day Barry swims by. Barry appears up close and personal and large with a happy grin and, lo and behold, fingers. Now everyone knows fish don't have fingers but Barry has them and he shows the other fish just what a difference fingers can make. The normally happy fish have become bored with life but Barry busts out his finger puppets and it's smiles all around. Hey, you can use fingers to paint and type and count to ten and best of all, you can use fingers to TICKLE! But, suddenly danger looms in the form of a very large crate falling, falling and will it land on the fish.......oh, no. Can Barry make a difference now? Now, just where did Barry get those fingers anyway? Prepare yourself. It's hilarious. A bit of suspense, some humor and bright, warm colors combine to make this is a fun read aloud for story times or summer days.

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