Bad Island

Bad Island

Family vacation?  Oh no...anything but that.  Reese just wants to stay home like his friends always get to do.  He doesn't want to get on a boat with the rest of his family...his sister Janie with her pet snake, Pickles, who seems to be lost right now and his parents who don't have time for each other any more.  Talk about your dysfunctional family.

But Dad holds his line and Reese finds himself on the boat when a la Gilligan's Island a storm comes up and the family crawls up onto an island and starts trying to figure out how to survive and get back to civilization.

The boat sinks to the bottom of the ocean and Dad tries his hand at starting a fire with sticks and rocks.  Then, hour by hour little things about this island start getting quirky.  The plants for example are not like any other plant structures they've ever known.  As they curl up for the night and their eyes clothes, we see the legs of a strange, alien-looking creature standing close by.  

Suddenly the island opens up to reveal prehistoric looking birds, walking skeletons, and a diary written by someone who thought "someone is tracking me."  Now, are they the ones being tracked?

Great adventure and suspense as the family comes to appreciate each other and discover their individual strengths and the strength of their family bond.  

Illustrations colorful and tell the story in a smooth, intriguing style.

219 pages  978-0545314800  Ages  10-14  

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Recommended by:  Barb

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