Backyard Horses: Horse Dreams

Backyard Horses:  Horse Dreams

Fourth grader Ellie James is daydreaming in class when her teacher ask her about her science report.  What is Ellie going to prove scientifically?  Ellie has no idea what they have been talking about but luckily her friend, Colt Stevens, sitting across the room can quietly sign to her what to say and save the day.  Colt learned how to sign a few years back so he can talk to Ellie's younger brother, Ethan, who is deaf.

Ellie's answer comes quickly and easily.  She's going to figure out scientifically what is the best way to get her a horse.   Will it be "begging, crying, praying?"

It isn't Ellie's imagination working a few minutes later as she turns and looks out the classroom window and sees a horse as it gallops up the street looking lost and then disappears.

Will anyone believe her?  Will her family ever listen to her and make her dream of a horse come true?  Ellie will send her wish to God knowing that God knows exactly how she feels.    Sometimes the gifts come right under our nose and it just takes stopping to see them, appreciate them and give thanks.

The chapter titles are illustrated in sign language  throughout the book.  The entire sign language alphabet is included at the book's end.  This book is part of a series.

Ages 7-10  150 pages  978-1414339160

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