Baby Monkey, Private Eye

Baby Monkey, Private Eye

Who is Baby Monkey?

He is a baby.

He is a monkey.

He has a job.

He is Baby Monkey, Private Eye!

Lost jewels?

Missing pizza?

Stolen spaceship?

Baby Monkey can help...

if he can put on his pants!

Baby Monkey's adventures come to life in an exciting blend of picture book, beginning reader, and graphic novel. With pithy text and over 120 black and white drawings accented with red, it is ideal for sharing aloud and for emerging readers.

Hooray for Baby Monkey!--from the publisher


Brian Selznick continues to amaze readers--both young and old, artists and art lovers with his black and white (and red) illustrations that depict a range of emotions and pack a wealth of  information in each illustration. Baby Monkey, Private Eye reads like a picture book, but the art makes it a graphic novel and an art study. Targeted audience is ages 4 and up, but younger children will love Baby Monkey's antics, his struggle to put on his pants for each case, and his wide-eyed wonder captured so brilliantly by Selznick.

The repetitive nature of the text makes it an easy read and first time readers will guess what will happen before the page is turned. That is fun and also a treat when they discover that sometimes the repetition changes. At 192 pages, it is a longer read for the  youngest readers but they will discover more and more with each reading. Baby Monkey takes on each case, and the decor art in his office changes. For the opera jewelry theft, paintings and art are: singer Maria Callas, A Night at the Opera (Marx brothers), and a bust of Mozart.

Baby Monkey, Private Eye is a joy to behold and a triumph of mixing art, storytelling and elements of both picture books and graphic novels. Selznick continues to deliver books that defy pigeonholes and genres.

Highly, highly recommended and a MUST!

This book is several art/history lessons.

192 pages   9781338180619    Ages 3 and up

Recommended by:  Pamela Thompson, Library Media Specialist, Texas USA

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If you loved Hugo Cabret, you know the power of Brian Selznick's storytelling.  This is five short stories centered on our new hero, Baby Monkey Private Eye.

Perfect for early readers the story repeats its text to build confidence allowing the illustrations to do the heavy lifting.  Can Baby Monkey follow the clues and find the missing jewels, the pizza, the nose?  The gorgeous illustrations invite us to search closely for clues of our own.

A cluster of mysteries to capture the imagination and the determination to solve the puzzles with a monkey who might not be able to put on his own pair of pants.  Enjoy!

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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