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A penguin family is moving from the South Pole to the North Pole. As they plan the move, the family members realize they will truly miss their friends and relatives. The young penguin Pierre-Auguste Renoir named after a famous artist describes the airplane ride and the new ice home. He is afraid of all these new things especially his new school, so he finds a quiet playground corner and begins to draw. His classmates come over to see what he is doing and appreciate his artistic ability. His teacher announces an upcoming art show and his parents promise special guests for the show. Pierre prepares a series of personal pictures for the art show. Guess who the special guests are and read the book to find out if you are right. There is an unusual illustrative style in this book that uses nine small blocks of pictures in a quilt pattern. Ages 3-7 32 pages

Recommended by Christy Pierce, Librarian Maryland

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