Atherton: House of Power

Atherton:  House of Power

The year is 2085 in Atherton, a new world created by Dr. Harding who directed the migration from the Dark Planet years ago. Atherton is divided into the Flatlands, a place of mystery and danger; the Highlands, home of the rich and privileged and those who are allowed to read; and finally the Tabletop where strenuous work is required. Suddenly, a trembling is felt throughout Atherton. Is something shifting below their feet? What will happen to them? Will the creatures of the Flatlands, the Cleaners, come forward? Will the well-defined social system stay as it has always been? The curious Edgar, Isabel and Sam are about to begin their journey in this Book One of the Atherton trilogy. (submitted by M.G.) 384 pages Ages 9-13

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