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  • Animal Superpowers: Dancing Bees and Other Amazing Communicators

Animal Superpowers: Dancing Bees and Other Amazing Communicators


Animals communicate in a lot of creative and unexpected ways.  There are Humming Giraffes, Rumbling Elephants, Dancing Bees, Clicking Dolphins and Bobbing Birds-of-Paradise to mention a few.

Researchers at three zoos recorded giraffes at night in their barns and heard something that surprised them...humming.  Now they have to figure out why giraffes hum!

How does a honeybee tell other bees where to find water on a hot day?  When they need more worker bees to start turning nectar into honey, how do they send out the word?  Turns out honeybees have different dances to communicate different ideas and needs.

How do dolphins find each other when the water isn't clear enough for seeing?  How do elephants keep the herd together?  Why do they rumble?

A playful and informative exploration of the wonderful world of animal communication.  Turns out there are so many different types of animal communications and we are only just beginning to understand them and study their behavior.

40 pages   978-1512425451    Ages 7-10

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


"Many animals have ways of communicating with one another. But did you know that some animals can communicate on an entirely different level? The animals in this book communicate in incredible ways—using dance movements, brightly colored feathers, and sounds that are so high-pitched humans can't hear them! Discover the many ways animals communicate!"--from the publisher

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