Angel Fire (Angel Burn, Book 2)

Angel Fire (Angel Burn, Book 2)

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Candlewick 2012
Part of a Series

   Willow has a prophetic dream that tells her that she and Alex need to go to Mexico City and to be there and ready to fight when the Seraphic Council or “The Twelve” arrive. When they arrive they meet up with Kara who is from Alex’s past and her team of AK’s (angel killers). Even though Alex is put in charge of the team they have a very hard time accepting Willow because they know that she is half angel.

   Willow never told Alex that in her dream she also saw another boy who she knew she would meet in Mexico City. One day she and Seb run into each other and she finds out that Seb has been searching for her all of his life. He is probably the only other half angel in the world. Their connection is real at many levels but where does love enter into this connection?

   As Seb and Willow come to know each other it puts a wedge in her relationship with Alex. They had come so far and were so much closer. Alex finally pushes her away but at the same time seems to be getting weaker and weaker and showing signs of angle burn.

   Willow is scared that her closeness to Alex is draining him of his life source even though he says it has nothing to do with her. As the time draws closer for the Seraphic Council to arrive tensions are high between Seb, Alex and Willow and when help arrives from an unexpected source they are not sure who to trust. Mix this in with Willow's angel-father Raziel having his own sinister plan to deal with the council and he shows up in Mexico City too.

   As the ending starts to unfold the relationships between, Seb, Alex and Willow are strained to the limit. How far will they go to protect Willow and kill the angels? *This book was 638 pages long and there were a number of times that I felt that the author could have shortened the story especially the love triangle but the action part kept me reading and I had no problem finishing the book.  638 pages  Ages 14 and up  978-0763656799

Recommended by:  Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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