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  • And Still They Bloom: A Family's Journey of Loss and Healing

And Still They Bloom: A Family's Journey of Loss and Healing

And Still They Bloom: A Family's Journey of Loss and Healing

Losing a loved one is hard.  The grief can be overwhelming for every family member – especially for children, who may have a hard time understanding and expressing their grief.

Emily and Ben have recently lost their mother to cancer.  They and their father are having a difficult time expressing their grief.  Through a number of moments during the first months after their mom’s death, we see how the adults in their lives support them and help them grieve.  This is an excellent resource for children who are grieving.  It is not heavy-handed and flows naturally when dealing with this difficult and uncomfortable issue. Highly recommended.

48 page                                                978-1604430363                       Ages 7-11

Keywords:  grief, death and dying, loss, dealing with feelings, dealing with emotions, healing, hope, 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old

Recommended by Alice L. Cyphers, Librarian and Reading Specialist, Pennsylvania, USA


Responding to the fact that coping with a parent’s death can be especially hard on young children, this beautifully written and illustrated book is a valuable resource for parents and counselors. Ten-year-old Emily and seven-year-old Ben must deal with the loss of their mother to cancer. Guided by conversations with their father, they embark on a journey of grief and healing, each searching for a path to acceptance. Along the way, both children realize that their mother will always be with them in their hearts. And just as their mother’s flowers had bloomed in the garden, Emily and Ben emerge from the darkness of grief to bloom once more. Using nature as a backdrop for the cycles of life, this moving story emphasizes hope and healing and will connect with all readers who have lost a loved one.---from the publisher


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