Amelia's BFF

Amelia's BFF

Can a girl have two BFFs at the same time? In Marissa Moss’s new notebook, Amelia is so excited to have her friend Nadia come to visit her in Oregon. Amelia cannot wait to introduce her to her Carly, her new close by friend. Conflicts arise as Amelia’s “old” friend and “new” friend really do not get along. This puts Amelia right in the middle! Can a school cooking project bring them all together? Another great book in the notebook series that will be sure to hit the hearts of all girls at this age.
Recommended for ages 10-13 64 pages (March 2011)


When Nadia, Amelia’s best friend from before she moved away, comes to visit, Amelia just knows that she, Nadia, and Carly, Amelia’s best friend close by, are going to have the best time ever! But, much to Amelia’s surprise, Nadia and Carly don’t like each other; in fact, it seems like they hate each other. Amelia used to have two best friends—will she end up with none?

Recommended by Sarah Loch, Librarian

Recommended by Deborah McLaughlin, Librarian


Amelia’s problems begin when she tells her BFF that her “old” BFF is coming to visit her for a week. Jealousy and resentment put Amelia in the middle of the conflict between her two friends. Amelia’s older sister finally diagnoses the problem which leads Amelia to learn that “mixing friends can be like mixing ingredients”. Not everything goes together well.

ISBN: 978-1442403765

Recommended by Beth Yankey, Librarian, Virginia, USA


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