All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook


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The minimum security prison, Blue River Co-ed Correctional Facility, in Surprise, Nebraska,  is where Perry T. Cook was born and it's where he starts every day by springing down the corridor to leap into his mother's arms.  The warden made it possbile for his mother to have her baby boy born there and even found a way for him to be able to live in the prison so he would be near his mom.

His mom, Jessica Cook, a prisoner in Cell Block C,  is getting near to the end of her 15 year sentence.  They're hoping she'll come up before the parole board soon and maybe, just maybe, she'll get out early and mother and son can begin a new life together outside the prison walls.

But the District Attorney of Butler County has discovered that Perry hs been living in the prison. This goes against his standards and mis morals and he is determined to make someone pay for what he sees as inappropriate leniency.  No child should live in a prison says this man of the law.  

He decrees that Perry must leave the prison and actually allows Perry to come and live with his family. Now it turns out that the District Attorney's daughter is Perry's best friend.  But being forced to leave his mother and the "family" he has in the prison to live outside the prison walls leaves Perry feeling he has been given a "sentence" all his own.  

What is family?  Where is the best place for a child?  Is it enough to give a child three square meals, four walls and a roof, and a desire to do what's best  or does that child need something that runs even deeper?

381 pages  Ages  8-12   9780062333469

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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It gives you info on a persons life and it can be hard to live a hard life.
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