Aliens on Vacation

Aliens on Vacation

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Disney-Hyperion Books, 2010
Character-Building Curriculum

Scrub (real name: David) is sent from his home in Tampa, Florida, to live with his grandmother in Washington State for the summer – and he is not happy about it.His plans to play basketball all summer and become a starter in the Fall have gone up in smoke.He arrives at his grandma’s bed and breakfast – the Intergalactic Bed and Breakfast – to learn that she runs the place for aliens visiting from other solar systems.He quickly becomes a part of the staff, helping to disguise the aliens so that they will fit in when they tour around the town.This is not an easy task, but Scrub excels at it.The local sheriff is on to them, and is looking for any reason to shut the place down.Scrub becomes good friends, and is attracted to, the sheriff’s daughter.When the sheriff finally does lead a rally to shut down the bed and breakfast, it’s up to Scrub to figure out a way to keep it open, and not lose a friend in the process. Recommended by Jennifer Altena, Teacher-Librarian.

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With summer just beginning and 7th grade just ahead of him, Scrub is headed to his Grandma and a summer job at her Intergalactic Bed and Breakfast. His chances to practice basketball and make the all-star team are looking dim. He may just give up hoops and join the Sci-Fi Fantasy Club with all the weirdos. You can probably guess this is going to be a summer of surprises. Scrub won't be mowing lawns and running errands. No, his summer job will be to GRADE the intergalactic visitors who arrive at the Inn and that means disguising these aliens so they can blend into the Seattle area and enjoy their vacation on this primitive planet Earth.

Now, Scrub also has a summer "challenge" with his best friend, Tyler, to see who will be the first to kiss a girl- a Non-Relative Girl. Enter Amy, the sheriff's daughter, who thinks something unusual might be happening in this quirky Inn. Enter alien after alien with their hunger for aluminum foil and bleach and their exotic appendages, coloring and extra eyes. This is a hilarious romp with a likable main character who is leading us all on a mission
to see the good in every one of the "creatures" in our own wacky world. Good read for kids who like humor and wandering outside the box of normal and a little first kiss to boot.

Recommended by Barb, Maryland, USA
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