Alien Worlds Your Guide to Extraterrestrial Life


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National Geographic Childrens' Books 2013
Science Curriculum

Is there really life beyond our planet, our solar system and even perhaps beyond our galaxy?  As you look out at the Milky Way you are taking in the sight of 200 billion stars with 230 million Earth-like planets.  Beyond our galaxy photographs show dim white and yellow pinpricks of ilght.  Those are other galaxies with billions of stars surrounded by trillions of planets. 

Shouldn't there be another planet out there that has life on it?  How can we find it?  This book explores the techniques scientists use to discover the presence of planets so many light years from our world.  

What kind of worlds are we searching for?  Scientists have imagined what these planets could look like and where they need to be in relation to their sun to be habitable.  Come explore the possibility of an ocean world, a world seen through infrared light, a satellite world, a dying world  or perhaps even two alien worlds in the same habitable zones.

What sort of life would be found on the surface of these worlds?  Would they have oceans?  What could the aliens look like in the different possible environments?

Vivid, exciting images of imaginary but possible worlds tease our curiosity and draw us into the exploration and the reality of what alien worlds might include.  Would the aliens navigate by sonar like bats and whales or would they have large noses that might enable them to "smell" their way around their habitat?  On one imaginary alien creature, small pulses of radar are sent out from the tips of spikes on the creatures' back to help them visualize their way.

77 pages  Ages  8-12   978-1426311109

A section on "How to Build Your Own Alien" offers step by step instructions and a list of materials and tools.

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