Abraham Lincoln's Dueling Words

Abraham Lincoln's Dueling Words

Lively. Fun, History comes alive.

Ever wonder what it was like to hear Abraham Lincoln spin a yarn?  Here's a tale of the great man told in the voice of someone who had heard the great storyteller himself a time or two.  We've got our two characters, Abraham Lincoln and his political opponent, James Shields, along with one rascally idea and a moment when  Lincoln gets himself into trouble.

Seems the good people of Illinois are having trouble balancing their state budget.  James Shields, the auditor of said budget, cozies up with the governor and the two announce that all Illinois citizens will have to pay their taxes in gold and silver instead of in paper money.  Lincoln sees how harshly this treats the less well off people and he tries to come up with a plan to stop the Democrats and their machinations.

In this story Lincoln is going to "spose and reckon and finickin about."  Finally he's going to write a letter to a newspaper complaining about the impact of the proclamation and sign it Aunt Rebecca from the Lost Townships - a made-up place.  Things go from bad to worse and Abe is about to find himself challenged to a duel by James Shields.

America as we imagine it in the 1800s comes to life through the lively story, the eye-catching illustrations and the just near the surface bubbling sense of humor.  The story is true and the voice of Lincoln as a storyteller dances across the pages.

This would make a great read-aloud around Presidents' Day or any day when you are discussing reputation, getting along with others, honesty, American history, problem-solving or as a prequel to the American Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation.

Excellent back matter.

36 pages   978-1561458523   Ages  6-10

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


Abraham Lincoln was known for his sense of humor. But in 1842, early in his adult life, it nearly got him into trouble. He had to use his imagination to save his career--and maybe even his life. When Abraham Lincoln became frustrated with the actions of James Shield, a political rival, he came up with a plan. It was silly. It was clever. And it was a great big mistake! Lincoln, his future wife, and a friend of hers wrote a series of fictional letters to the editor, complaining about Shields. But when Shields took offense, he challenged Lincoln to a duel. How would our future president straighten things out and save the lives and careers of both himself and his rival? Donna Bowman's humorous voice and S.D. Schindler's expressive illustrations are the perfect match for this story of Abraham Lincoln's humor and wit. Back matter includes an author's note with a bibliography.--from the publisher

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This author came to our school. I love this book. It is interesting how history has a way of making things appear one way. This particular incident was never publicized but helps you to understand that Abraham Lincoln was human and made mistakes too.
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