About Average

About Average

In a normal elementary school in a normal town in Central Illinois lives Jordan, a very ordinary girl who wishes she could be extraordinary at something.  Everyone else has their special gifts for singing or athletics or chess, but Jordan is just like Sarah in Sarah Plain and Tall.  She's just plain Jordan.

She's been working on her problem and one day while the teacher showed a movie in class, Jordan spent the time making lists of things she is really good at and things she is not so good at.  Unfortunately, Marlea, a bully, got the lists out of the classroom wastebasket and now she has read the lists out loud in the girls' bathroom.  Jordan is so embarrassed.  It's not enough that she is just average; now everyone knows how she feels about it.

Marlea is going to take every chance she can find to embarrass Jordan in front of other kids.  She's mean and she loves making other people feel small.  What will Jordan do?  She has been taught to be nice and not to say out loud the mean things she might be feeling.  Can she find a way to hold her own against Marlea? Will Jordan find anything special about herself?  Where does the real battle lie?  

120 pages  Ages 7-10  978-1416997245

Recommended by: Barb

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