Pierce trips by the pool, hits her head and drowns. While she is flat lined for one hour she meets John Hayden, the Lord of Death or the death deity. He is the one who helps the dead find their proper place in the afterlife. John however wants Pierce to stay with him and all Pierce wants is to be alive again. While trying to escape from John she also escapes death and is brought back to life. But things will never be the same again.

Her friend Hannah commits suicide, one of her teachers is hurt and a jewelry store owner almost dies from a heart attack. Her parents’ divorce because her mom blames her dad for her near death and her mom moves her to the island she grew up on in Florida, Isla Huesos which means the island of bones.

Little does she know that Isla Huesos is a portal to the Underworld and life will never be the same again!

Abandon is based on the Greek myth Persephone. The author draws you right into the character of Pierce but she frequently jumps back and forth in time with no warning. It can be frustrating at times but it is easy to see past that and really enjoy the book.  320 pages  Ages 14 and up  978-054528410

Recommended by: Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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