A Tangle of Knots

A Tangle of Knots

This story opens in a bus station where a young man named Mason is guarding his powder blue suitcase and waiting for his adventure to begin. It begins all right but not as he had planned it. As Fate would have it, Mason's suitcase disappears from the bus and along with it goes the very special and very important piece of paper that was going to change Mason's life.

Fate is about to rear her lovely head time and time again as we meet a series of Talented characters. Their stories and their points of view will be the ingredients in a well told tale of an eleven year old orphan named Cady who has a Talent for baking cakes and who is hoping for a family of her own.   Seems just about everyone in this story has a Talent except for Marigold who is still only a Fair and her brother Zane who is Worthless.

The great fun of this story is watching for the clues and wondering how they will fit into the great puzzle that is being created right before your very eyes. The spice is delivered through the fabulously placed cliffhangers that end each chapter. Just when you think you know what's going on, she pulls the rug delightfully right out from under you.

Just where will Fate lead Will, Marigold, Cady, Toby, Miss Mallory, V, Mrs. Asher, The Owner, and the ferret, Sally?  How will their Talents and destinies wind around each other?  Will anyone ever make the perfect peanut butter again?  Will V ever find her words?  Is there a family for Cady?  Is Will destined to be forever lost and will Zane ever become Worthwhile?   

Has Fate made a perfect match for you?  Do you know your Talent?  

This would make a great read aloud for a class and it will definitely appeal to those readers who enjoy a yarn and love to try to solve the puzzle ahead of the author. The large cast of characters makes that a happy challenge. 231 pages and a series of delicious cake recipes. Ages 8-11 978-0399255175

Recommended by:  Barb

ALSC Tween Recommended Reads  http://www.ala.org/alsc/sites/ala.org.alsc/files/content/Tween13_RecReadsList.pdf

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