A House For Hermit Crab

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A House For Hermit Crab

Change is a hard thing for everyone and for little folks it can be especially challenging and a bit scary in fact. Meet Hermit Crab who has outgrown his shell and is going to have to leave what he knows and go looking for a new shell. He's not so sure about all this. He looks around with a bit of trepidation and then finds a possible new home. Then, wonder of wonders, different sea creatures start showing up and making this whole moving thing really fun and pull of possibilities. He has help from a sea anemone, a snail, a lantern fish and more. Everyone adds to the house and adds to the delight of the new place. By the time he has everything just the way he likes it, he realizes he's outgrown the new place and has to move on again. But now he knows this can be an amazing adventure. Eric Carle has a magical way of reassuring young hearts. This is a classic for me.

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