A Girls' Guide to Friendship Troubles

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A Girls' Guide to Friendship Troubles

The subtitle for this one is "dealing with fights, being left out & the whole popularity thing." Well, what makes someone your best friend and what do you do with the friends who aren't so friendly all the time? This book kicks off the discussion with a True Friend quiz and you know how much these girls enjoy the quizzes! The questions will offer great opportunities to talk about what it really means to be a friend, how you treat others and how you want and deserve to be treated yourself. It also explores the different kinds of friends you may run across. Do you have a friend who is On and Off? Do you have a friend who can't keep a secret? How about bullies? What's the best way to handle them? Great resource for 8-12 year old girls who are navigating the sometimes complex world of friendship and girls. 87 pages Ages 8-12

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