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A Smart Girl's Guide to Money A Smart Girl's Guide to Money Hot

A Smart Girl's Guide to Money

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A Smart Girl's Guide to Money
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American Girl Publishing, 2006
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The subtitle is "How to make it, save it, and spend it." Get ready to take some quizzes to find out what your money style is, what kind of shopper you are and all about spending sprees. Have you ever talked to your daughter about how much money she has now and how much money she'd eventually like to have? At her age, how is she going to earn money? Income and expenses? Business partners? Is she really ready for this? Whether she's about to go into business or not, it's great to get her thinking about and understanding how earning money works and all that it entails. Is she careful and responsible with the money she gets for her allowance or does it flow through her fingers like water down the drain? Does she know the difference between a CD and a savings bond? How can she become a millionaire? How does the rest of the world look in terms of money? Is everyone as well off as she is? This little book has 101 moneymaking ideas and plenty of quizzes and advice about how to go into business. 95 pages Ages 8-13

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A Smart Girl's Guide to Money 2015-07-26 19:03:13 Zoe Martin
It was OK / I liked it / I LOVED THIS BOOK! 
Reviewed by Zoe Martin    July 26, 2015

It was very interesting for people who are learning about saving, spending, and what to do with money. From my 9-year-old perspective, I already had interest in this subject before reading the book.

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