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Drooling and Dangerous: The Riot Brothers Return

Reviewed by Guest on October 08, 2009.

This might look like an ordinary book at first, but amazingly, it is actually three hilarious different stories starring those side-splitting brothers: Orville and Wilbur. In Book 1, you'll discover why the day only gets better when you start off with a pocketful of bugs. In Book 2, you'll see how stuff from the lost and found can get you to Hollywood! In Book 3, you'll find out how to have a Dwitch Say. A little bit younger than the Diary of A Wimpy Kid series, these books are a riot of fun---and very similar. Perfect for reluctant readers especially those who love to read about guys getting themselves into trouble in some very hilarious ways. What can YOU learn by squeezing a cockroach? Read on....177 pages Submitted by M.G.

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