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Knights' Tales, Book One: Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great

Reviewed by Guest on March 24, 2009.

Gerald Morris has written a series of books for older readers all about the Knights of the Round Table. They are a delightful mixture of adventure and humor. This series combines the same two ingredients, but this time it's written for fluent readers - kids who know how to read, but are just getting into chapter books. In this book, Lancelot has heard all about the knights in shining armor across the sea in King Arthur's court. He gets permission from his father to join those knights. His efforts involve a great deal of the actual shining of the armor and the occasional unwitting joust. He wanders from one hilarious escapade to another. We meet Chaucer along the way, but no child need know. So, if you're looking for a series of books with the nobility of the knights, humor and adventure all rolled into one, this is your book.

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