Young James Bond: Blood Fever, Book 2

Young James Bond:  Blood Fever, Book 2

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Young Bond is back. The sister of one of his school mates has been kidnapped while the father was murdered. During a vacation in Sardinia, James uncovers an art theft ring and what seems to be a plot to take over Europe. When his Uncle's house is robbed, James also stumbles upon the missing girl and tries desperately to bring her to safety. This is the second book in the young James Bond series. Another offering for those picky boys. Another good action book that will hook a new generation of males on Bond. James Bond. The main audience for this series is pre-teen boys. Lots of action, minimal supervision and even some cute girls in need of rescue. Action, adventure and derring-do. What else do preteen boys need? I am decidedly not the target audience here. I do love the backstory on James Bond though. The pacing is nice, there isn't much down time for the readers to get bored. All in all, if you have a hard to please boy reader, try this book. Or try the first one first. Then this one. Because it is just wrong to read a series out of order. The reading Gods will smite you.

Recommended by:  Stephanie Lott, 5th English and Social Studies, Texas  USA

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