Young Merlin Trilogy, Book 2: Hobby

Young Merlin Trilogy, Book 2:  Hobby

An ordinary 12-year old has a mighty task before him/her of finding his/her personal gifts and pathway in life. Who am I? What makes me special? Why am I here?
Imagine being 12-year-old Merlin who is so gifted with magical abilities and slowly realizing what he can do. When he becomes comfortable with some of his gifts, he still can't convince those around him that his abilities can be trusted. What a struggle and what a wonderful story of how young Merlin began to find his adult self. The name Hobby is a nickname he is given and comes from a type of hawk. That in itself lends a spiritual feel to this great adventure and coming of age story. Book One is Passager; Book Two is Hobby and Book Three is Merlin. Young Merlin is now twelve years old and has just lost his foster family to fire. He is alone in the world again. As he journeys forth, he will find many adventures awaiting him and he will begin to experience the powers that will eventually make him the greatest wizard to ever live.

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