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  • You Wish (Misadventures of Bartholomew Piff, Book 1)

You Wish (Misadventures of Bartholomew Piff, Book 1)

You Wish (Misadventures of Bartholomew Piff, Book 1)

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Have you ever made a wish? Did you wonder where it went? Benjamin Bartholomew Piff is an orphan, living with Mr. Roach, who lives up to his name, and with Ms. Pinch, who lacks equally in charm and gentleness. On his birthday, Benjamin makes a wish, and that wish finds itself all the way to the Wishworks, where wishes that are made properly, are granted. Benjamin makes his wish according to all the rules about wishes, and this causes the Wishworks great problems. For one, this wish is using up other people's wishes. Secondly, the Curseworks is trying everything they can to get hold of the wish to use it for their own evil purposes. A light read that has nice imagination and adventure. This book is part of a series.

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