Year of the Dog

Year of the Dog

"I want to be called, Pacy," says Pacy. "Don't be stupid," says her sister, Lissy. "Pacy is too weird for everyone. They won't know how to say" it. And then they'd ask, "Why do Chinese people always have to have these weird names?" It's the Chinese Year of the Dog, and this is the world that Pacy (Grace) finds herself in. How does she fit into the American world of her school and the culture all around her when she lives in the world of Taiwan at home? She wants to make friends and to fit in, but at home, she has a mother who doesn't realize that you HAVE to have a turkey for Thanksgiving. Mom would rather fill the table with steamed dumplings and noodles and other Taiwanese delicacies. Author Grace Lin grew up reading books about American girls. There weren't any books about girls who were just like her with one foot in America and one foot in the culture of her Taiwanese family, so she decided to write books for girls like her.

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YEAR OF THE DOG, by Grace Lin, Trailer by Lane Young

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