Yasmin's Hammer

Yasmin's Hammer

Hopes and dreams are international commodities. Yasmin and her family used to live in a bamboo house in the country where they raised rice and ate mangoes from their own tree.

Then, the cyclone came and stole away the life they knew. Now they live in the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh where Abba pedals his rickshaw taxi and Amma cleans for the people who live in big houses. Yasmin and her sister, Mita, work in the brickyard pounding bricks into little pieces with their hammers. It is endless work with little hope for a better life.

But, Yasmin has a dream. She sees the neon signs flashing above her as she travels through the city and she has come to understand that being able to read can open up the world to her. She wants to go to school. She wants to learn. She makes a plan.

This is a story of hope and determination and the value of education. The tones of the warm illustrations connect you to this exotic but unfamiliar place filled with poverty and hardworking people. Welcome to the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

40 pages

978-1620142332 Ages 5-8

Recommended by: Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com *********

From the publisher:

"In the noisy streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh, another busy morning is beginning as Yasmin rides to work in her father s rattling rickshaw. Yasmin longs to go to school so she can learn to read, but her family needs the money she and her sister earn at the brickyard to help keep the rice bag full and the roof repaired.

As she hammers away at bricks day after day, Yasmin dreams of a different life. If she could read, she could be anything she wants to be when she grows up. One night Yasmin has an idea a secret plan that will bring her one step closer to making her dream a reality.

Compassionately told and inspired by contemporary news articles, Yasmin s Hammer offers a fresh perspective on the value of education. Readers will admire Yasmin s persistence in reaching for her goals and the enduring love of her hardworking family in this hopeful story of a bright young girl whose mind is set on changing her future."

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