Xtreme Illusions

Xtreme Illusions

Can you believe your own eyes?  Open this book and the pages begin to move and dance right before your eyes. But, hey, it's a page in a book...how can it be moving around?  

This is the fun of how our eyes and our brains work together and sometimes produce some interesting results.  Turn each page and you'll be introduce to a whole new unexpected visual experience/puzzle.  

How do the lines move?  What makes that happen? When you look at the page of purple and orange shapes and they ask you what colors you see...why is the answer pink?  Do you see any pink?

On another page you focus on the image and either see a tower of fruit or two human faces looking at the fruit.  How does that happen and if you saw the fruit can you find the faces

These optical illusions give you page after page of intriguing and entertaining fun.  

48 pages  Ages 7 and up  978-1426310119

Recommended by:  Barb

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