Wondrous Rex


Newbery Medal-winning author Patricia MacLachlan has written a magical and funny tale about the joy found in using words, sharing stories, and loving a wondrous dog: Rex.

Grace’s aunt is a writer. She works with words every day and teaches Grace interesting words like “melancholy” and “delirious.”

But Lily is often “flummoxed” by her writing. Her stories don’t go anywhere, her desk is a mess, and her writer’s group can’t help.

So Lily posts an ad for an assistant: A writer of books needs an assistant, a coach, a helper, for inspiration and some magic!

The next day, Grace opens the door, and there is Rex: a Labrador retriever who will change Grace’s life, and Lily’s. The word “amazing” is an everyday word for Rex, who inspires Lily, and helps Grace find the words to write her own story.---from the publisher

96 pages                        978-0062940988                    Ages 8-11

Keywords:  dog, inspiration, helping others, writing, writer, creative writing, writing process, words, humor, magic, magical realism, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old


Seven-year old Grace is lucky enough to live next door to her grandmother, Lily. Lily is an author. Sometimes Lily has a hard time getting an idea for a story and when that is happening, Lily eats a lot of pickles and she bakes a lot of cookies.

So, when Grace heads over to visit Lily and sees the pickle jars and the freshly baked cookies she knows instantly that Lily doesn't have an idea for her next story. Lily is trying so hard. Nothing is working. Lily puts an ad up in the community asking for an assistant and the next day, a man in a large hat who says he is a magician, shows up at Lily's front door with a black Labrador Retriever.

The dog is named Rex and after the magician disappears, Rex heads over to Lily's computer and writes a message. He is a dog filled with messages and magic. He can write.

This is the story of Lily, Grace and her friend, Daniel, and the wonder of all the stories you have inside of you and the biggest wonder of all, the life you have before you. Sometimes life will bring you changes and some of those changes will be wondrous.

Best of all, you will always have the voice inside yourself that brings you your own magic - one moment and one message at at time.

Recommended by: Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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