Wolves of the Beyond: Lone Wolf (Book 1)

Wolves of the Beyond:  Lone Wolf  (Book 1)

When the silver pup is born, he has a slight splay to his right front paw. His mother looked closer and saw "the dim tracery of a spiral like a swirled star on its footpad." But the played paw is a sign of infirmity and according to wolf custom, this pup will be removed from the pack and left alone to die. A grieving mother grizzly bear has just lost her cub when she spots this bedraggled wolf cub on the river bank and takes him for her own. She names him Faolan, gift from the river, and he calls her Thunderheart for the huge beat he hears as he nurses. Together they work to help Faolan, a wolf, find a place in the world of a bear. But winter comes. Then an earthquake. Faolan is alone. He seeks his place in the world of the wolf with the help of Gwynn an owl of Ga'hoole. This is a slowly unfolding journey with a spiritual tinge. Great courage and great connections with nature. It will be interesting to see where she takes us with this series after the great success of the Guardians of Ga'hoole series. 240 pages Ages 9-13

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