Wolfsnail: A Backyard Predator

Wolfsnail:  A Backyard Predator

2009 Winner of the Geisel Honor Award

A silent drama is about to play out before your very eyes. It's spring and a wolfsnail is waking up and emerging from its shell. Time to find something to eat. Slowly, very slowly, using its foot, the wolfsnail makes its way to a hosta plant but unlike other snails, it isn't about to take a bite out of that crisp leaf. No, it's seeking the slugs and snails who come to eat the plant. Using its unique features, the wolfsnail taps its way across the leaf and happens upon a slime trail. Victory is near. Beautifully illustrated with startling photographs, this book is perfect for emerging readers who are interested in learning about the quiet adventure in the natural world around them. Winner of the Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Award. Glossary and Facts included

32 pages 978-1590785546 Ages 5-7


The wolfsnail hunts its prey: other snails. This true tale of horror begins in the leaf litter beside a quaint porch in Jackson, Mississippi. The wolfsnail is on the prowl. Big, strong, and fast (for a snail), the wolfsnail has a taste for meat. In some areas, it is called the cannibal snail. It has earned the name. Soon, the predator finds the slime trail of a smaller snail and follows the path toward its prey. When the chase ends and the dramatic feast is done, nothing remains of the smaller snail but an empty shell. This photographic story, a Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book, of a day in the life of a wolfsnail offers a unique and dramatic introduction to the food chain. Young readers will be fascinated by this little-known predator and the impact it has had on habitats where it does not belong.---from the publisher

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