Wolf in the Snow

Wolf in the Snow

Snow begins to fall.  Big fluffy flakes are floating down and unbeknownst to each other a pack of wolves journeys across the open fields their breath hanging in the air before them and a child, dressed in the iconic red hood, sets off to head home from school.  As the snow covers more and more of the familiar ground, a wolf cub tires and drops back farther and farther until it is out of sight of its pack.  The red-coated youngster is caught up and lost in the now pummeling flakes that obscure the vision and the sense of place.  The two young ones meet in the wild with a "huff, huff" and a "whine, whine."

This is where the child reaches her/his arms out to the cub who eventually is scooped up and carried after making little progress on its own as it sinks into the drifts.  Child carrying cub the two make their way until from across the snowy scape comes the sound of a powerful hooooowwwlllll.

Anyone who knows what story "Plink, plink," comes from will feel right at home as these two snow orphans wander determinedly through the snow, one wild and one human, both beloved young ones.  Yes, this is a story of friendship with its brilliant, poignant finale.  But these days of struggle over immigration and accepting those who are unlike us, this tale takes on a deeper, more immediate and more keenly felt than BLUEBERRIES FOR SAL needed to be.

We all share the same deep love for our children.  We can start there and work at getting one step closer and then another step closer until we are able to talk to each other and not simply judge by the fur, the red hood, the skin color or the religion.  It's time to HOWL for one another's children.  Matt Cordell gives us the chance to make our world more compassionate, more empathetic and more connected.

48 pages    978-1250076366    Ages  3-8

Keywords:  Caldecott medal winner 2018

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

A National Public Radio Best Book of 2017 Horn Book Magazine Best Book of 2017 School Library Journal Best Book of 2017 Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2017 A Boston Globe Best Book of 2017 A Huffington Post Best Book of 2017


A girl is lost in a snowstorm. A wolf cub is lost, too. How will they find their way home?

Paintings rich with feeling tell this satisfying story of friendship and trust. Here is a book set on a wintry night that will spark imaginations and warm hearts, from Matthew Cordell, author of Trouble Gum and Another Brother.--from the publisher

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