Wolf, The Duck and The Mouse


Just reading the title of this book starts the feeling that you've been in this land before. Wolves and pigs with houses and chickens who see the sky falling are most likely just around the corner.  But if you will simply take a moment and notice the author and illustrator, you'll begin to suspect that all is not what it seems.

Meet the mouse.  He's out in the world for the time it takes to turn a page and then he's gone deep into the tum-tum of the ever present big bad wolf.  It's an off-camera demise so have no fears about that.  Mr. Mouse takes the big slide down with a Woe is Me and is surprised to meet Duck who is happily ensconced in the wolf with an attitude of, "I may have been swallowed but I'm not going to be eaten."

In fact, Duck has it pretty good in that wolf what with the excellent food delivery service he provides.  The Woe of Mouse and the Upbeat Attitude of Duck end in a fine friendship, some good music and a respectable menu with the possibility of a short life given the prevalence of wolf hunters in the area of operation.  Best part is they cannot be caught by the wolf.  Worst part about it is someone might catch their wolf.

A playful pourquoi tale it is, turning the standard fairy tale inside out and leaving children forever to wonder if life is better inside the wolf or out.  Remember, they may swallow you but you don't have to believe you've been eaten.  Bring on the wine and cheese ...and if you please, sir, more books by Klassen and Barnett.

40 pages    978-0763677541   Ages 4-8


This is a story about a duck and mouse who get swallowed by a wolf, and then decide to live in his belly.

Early one morning a mouse met a wolf and was quickly gobbled up.

When a woeful mouse is swallowed by a wolf, he quickly learns he is not alone: a duck has already set up digs, and, boy, has that duck got it figured out! Turns out it’s pretty nice in there, with delicious food and elegant table settings, courtesy of the wolf’s unchecked gluttony. And there’s something even better: no more fear of being eaten by a wolf! In fact, life is pretty good, until a hunter shows up. . . . With a nod to traditional fables and a wink to the reader, the award-winning Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen offer a tale of cooperation and creative cuisine that is sure to go down easy.--from the publisher

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