Winter Sky


At the center of Siria's world is Pop her beloved father who is a dedicated firefighter.  Pop doesn't know it but Siria is a firechaser.  Whenever she hears the sound of the siren, Siria is down the fire escape and off to watch the firefighters in action and be sure that Pop is safe.  

Then, into her world comes the smell of smoke and the taletell smudges of soot that mean someone is setting fires.  It's the word she dreads the most... arson.  Who could be setting the fires?  Could it be her good friend, Douglas?  

Courageously Siria follows every clue and possibility determined to protect her father and discover just who is behind these dangerous, threatening fires.

978-0375838927    152 pages  Ages  8-11

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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